TusLAN at TusCon
The Best Little Computer Gaming LAN Party in Arizona!
Frequently Asked Questions

What days will you be holding this LAN party?

Friday, November 10, through Sunday, November 12, 2017.  TusLAN setup will start in the morning on Friday about 10AM, so if you show up early you will be put to work ;-)  We will should be ready for participant computer setup about 12PM Noon, and will try to start gaming shortly thereafter. Friday shut down will be about 11PM.  Saturday hours will be 10AM to 11PM.  Sunday hours will be 10AM to 4PM.  Pack up and move out will be Sunday from 4PM to 6PM.  The TusLAN room will be locked and secured when it is not open.

Will you be charging an admission fee for this party? If so, how much?

Yes.  TusLAN is being hosted by TusCon, the annual Tucson science fiction convention.  Thus, all participants at TusLAN must be members of TusCon, and all TusCon members may participate in TusLAN.  Some TusLAN sponsors will be providing computers for the use of TusCon members who don't bring their own computers.  TusLAN participants who bring their own computers will be given a special discounted rate for their TusCon membership.  Regular TusCon membership pricing can be found at the TusCon web site (link below).  Discount for TusLAN participants!  Every TusLAN participant who brings a computer (Bring Your Own Computer: BYOC) will only have to pay $40 for all three days (normally $55)!  But they must register with TusLAN first.  Sorry, no single day memberships.  TusLAN staff members will be asked to pay $25 membership fee.  For more information about the host of TusLAN, see the homepage of TusCon. 

Is attendance at the party open, closed or capped at some number? 

Attendance at TusLAN will be capped at 24 computers.  This does not include the 6 seats for Artemis Bridge computers.  It does include seats for both BYOC and other computers.  TusLAN has 8 extra computers: 4 that may be used for recent games, and 4 older computers for Classic LAN games, like UT2k4, or extra Artemis bridge computers.  These computers will be removed to make room for BYOC participants as needed.  Check with the TusLAN Director via email or the FaceBook event to reserve your space at TusLAN.  

Will this party offer prizes? 

Maybe.  We would like to offer prizes, but we have no sponsors for this as yet.

What games will you be playing at this party? 

Since TusLAN is facilitated by a science fiction convention, we will feature games with a science fiction or fantasy theme.  Likely games are shown in the list, below.  We will also try to get demonstrations of other games, such as Defiance, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, and Fallout: Project Brazil (http://www.moddb.com/mods/falloutprojectbrazil)6.

1.         Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator ( free from http://www.artemis.eochu.com/ )
    -       We are planning to have two bridge sets with two-ship tournaments!
2.         Heroes of the Storm (http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/)
3.         Unreal Tournament 4 (https://www.unrealtournament.com/)
4.         Star Wars: Battlefront2 and Battlefront3
5.         Unreal Tournament 2004, UT3, and mods:  ChaosUT, ECE bonus Pack

6.         Team Fortress 2 (free from http://store.steampowered.com/)

7.         Quake Wars: Enemy territory

8.         League of Legends

9.         Battlefield2 and/or 3

10.       Counter Strike: Source 

11.       Red Faction/Pure Faction (http://purefaction.org/)

12.       Moonbase Alpha ( free from http://store.steampowered.com/app/39000/ , see also:
               http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/moonbase-alpha )

In addition, we hope to have an Oculus Rift demonstration again this year. 

We are making plans to coordinate games, and possibly Internet servers, for gamers who can't attend but still want to participate, using Teamspeak: 
Look for updates on the "TusLAN at TusCon" event page on FaceBook.

Certainly, we will consider other popular games.  What do you want to play?  Let us know!

What game variations will you be offering? 

Cooperative play, team deathmatch, capture the flag, assault, domination.

Will you be using custom maps/scenarios (that is, maps or scenarios that do not come with the original game)? 

Yes, a few for UT2k4 and UT3

If you will be using custom maps and scenarios, what maps/scenarios will you be using? 

For UT2k4:  ChaosUT and ECE Bonus Pack.

Do you mandate the use of headphones? 

Yes!  Speakers create an incredible racket and drain excessive power.

Will this party include Internet access? 

Most likely.  The TusLAN location is equipped with broadband Internet access, and it worked well last year.

What equipment should each BYOC participant bring to the party? 

A computer with a TCP/IP Ethernet NIC for 1000Base-T, monitor, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad, headphones (no speakers please!), and all games already installed.  TusLAN will supply an outlet strip for AC power and a CAT5e Ethernet patch cord, but if you want to use your own that will be fine.

Will guests have to perform a viral scan before they can log on at this party? 

Yes.  Please do this just before you pack up and leave for TusCon/TusLAN.

Will guests be allowed to drink at this party? 

No drugs or alcohol are allowed at the LAN Party.  Anyone caught drunk or stoned on the premises will be kicked out.

Will guests be allowed to smoke at this party? 

No smoking.  It's unhealthy, and it irritates many of our players.  This hotel is a tobacco-free property, so if you want to smoke, take it outside to a designated smoking area.

Will you be serving food and drink at this party?  If yes, what kind? 

Yes, we will provide pizza Saturday night, plus snack foods, water service, and possibly coffee.  Since this event is taking place in a hotel's function space, you may eat any food you buy from the hotel in the gaming room.  The hotel is required by county health regulations to be the only one who can "serve meals" in function space, so bringing food into the game room is NOT allowed, even on an individual basis, unless it is purchased from the hotel.  The hotel’s food sources include a restaurant, gift shop and vending machines.  We are trying to arrange for the hotel to provide restaurant-menu food service in the gaming room.  There will be free food provided by TusCon at a hospitality suite offering snacks and beverages and occasional real food (such as the chili cook-off Sunday afternoon), but these must be consumed in the hospitality suite. 

Will minors be allowed at this party? 

Yes, but a signed parental permission slip is required.

Will guests be required to sign a legal waiver before they can play at this party? 

Yes.  Parents of minor participants must also sign the waiver in person at the event.

Will you allow nonparticipants to hang around this party and watch? 

Yes, but they must be members of TusCon (the convention hosting TusLAN). 

What side events (noncomputer activities) will you hold? 

TusLAN is a part of an annual Science Fiction convention which has a wide variety of activities, from panels and presentations, to art panels and exhibit booths.  Please see the TusCon web site for details.

Will you have a lost and found at this party? 

Not specifically, but TusCon (the hosting convention) will have one.

Why have a LAN party at a science fiction convention?

Well, why not?  Historically, SF conventions were some of the earliest places people could find computer games (and role playing games, too).  Today, many SF con attendees are interested in playing computer games, even though they may not bring a gaming rig (or even have a good gaming rig).  This is why SF cons like to get sponsors to provide computers for attendees to game on.  For a computer gamer who brings a hot gaming rig to a SF con, this is known as a "target rich environment".  More seriously, the SF con provides a facility that would otherwise be too expensive for a LAN party, but in exchange requires that all LAN party participants buy memberships in the hosting convention.

For more information on organizing and running computer gaming at a SF convention, see the article in the ConRunner Wiki:


What is a science fiction convention?

A gathering of and celebration for fans of science fiction in literature and media (movies, TV, etc.).  For advice on how best to enjoy a Sci-Fi convention, see the

Science Fiction Convention Survivial Kit for Newbies

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